Cranbury Lions Club

February Meeting

February 8, 2023; Cranbury Inn; 6:30 pm to gather, 7:00 pm dinner and meeting.

Lions Pancake Breakfast at Cranbury School

The breakfast was a great success, thanks to the school and the boyscouts who supported the event with a lot of commitment

Pancake Breakfast

Cranbury Lions 90th Anniversary Celebration

Many thanks to all who attended to make this a very rememorable event!
We would also like to thank the Cranbury Inn for a great meal and the businesses that placed an ad in the journal.
Very nice article. Thanks Andrew Harrison!
Cranbury Lions Club celebrates 90 years of service with Cranbury community.
90th Celebration Ad Journal

Rockin' the Vest

Awesome video! The yellow vest posse; to learn more, visit Be a Lion


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