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Rick Burke


Directors – 1 year

Frank Brennan, Jr.

1st Vice President

Mike Kaiser



Dave Cook

2nd Vice President

Andre Mento



Ray Dickey

3rd Vice President

John Kobland



Jeff Grundy


George Smith




Treasurer – Operating/Projects

Glenn Johnson


Directors – 2 Years

Walt Caldwell

Assistant Treasurer - Projects

Elaine Homoky



Jon Goldstein





Tom Reilly

Immediate Past President

Alex Johnson



Peter Turner

Information Technology Chairman

Dave Shaffer




Lion Tamer

Paul Hayden


Jargon Editor

Bob Virgadamo

Tail Twister





Membership Chairman

Mike Kaiser





November,  2006


October 31 – Board of Directors Meeting – 7:30PM, Tom Gambino Library Room

November 1 – Regular Meeting7PM, Cranbury Station, Dinner: Beef Stroganoff

Speaker: Patrick Finn, the student we sent to the World Affairs Seminar, will speak to us about the Seminar and the subjects encountered.

November 15 – Regular Meeting – 7PM, Cranbury Station, Dinner: Turkey

Speaker: Paul Ritz, an expert on the Kennedy Assassination, and who spoke last year on the topic, will give us "Part 2”.


December, 2006


December 5 – Board of Directors Meeting – 7:30PM, Tom Gambino Library Room

December 6 – Regular Meeting7PM, Cranbury Station, Dinner: Steak Orleans

Speaker: Officer Paul Lindenfeld, of the Cranbury PD, will speak to us about Cranbury's new Community Emergency Response Team.

December 15 – Holiday Meeting – Cash Bar at 7PM; Dinner at 8PM; Dinner: Buffet Choice at The Bog

Speaker: In lieu of a speaker we will have our annual Holiday party, held jointly with the Hightstown Club.


Chairperson Needed


Unfortunately, Lion John Kobland, our Advertising Chair, is conflicted at work and is unable to continue as Ad Chair. We are desperately in need of an Advertising Chair, as this is one of our primary income sources. The database allows the program to "run itself”, but a Chairperson is required to form a committee who can make the necessary contacts. Any Lion who can step up to this position should contact President Rick, ASAP.



About the 75th Celebration


The Promotions and Ad Journal Committees have met and worked out an excellent program for obtaining both goods and services for a Silent Auction (at the Celebration) and cash donations (as Journal Ads)…but they need the help of every member. A Promotions Package has been prepared, and will be sent, shortly, to every Member (it will come through the same method of delivery as your Jargon). Remember that the cost of the ticket is the cost of the event – we make NO money on the ticket; all FUNdraising will be via the Ad Journal, the Silent Auction, and the evening’s 50/50.


Things To Know


Even though we have begun sending a new "Calendar of Events” with the dues mailings, we’d like to remind all members to please, share the Jargon with your Spouse, so that our events may be better scheduled on your personal, or family, calendars for better attendance. Please Note that Spouses are invited to attend all meetings, but are encouraged to attend "Spouse Night” meetings.


Update on our Club Project: As you all know, we held a Wine Label Contest, open to all Cranbury Residents; 75th Anniversary Co-Chairs, Lions Andre and Bob, received quite a bit of art and were very pleased with the response. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Prize winners were chosen, and were awarded gift certificates to Hanna & Mason’s, Cranbury Station, and Cranbury Pizza, respectively. ….And the winners are Susan and Tony Adiletta (1st), Amy Amico (2nd), and Brenda Shaffer (3rd). The artwork for the three will be shown at the November 1st meeting.


Did you know that the Cranbury Lions began the "Halloween Parade”, in 1933? The entire town participated in the parade, after which there was a party. The Parade continued until the onset of World War II, when it became the Children’s Halloween Party, which goes on to this day. Unfortunately, the 75 degree weather did not help attendance at this year’s Children’s Halloween Party, but the evening was still a success due to the appearance of our young magician, George Murray, and the efforts of Halloween Party Chair, Lion Richard Stannard, and his group of spooky goblin volunteers, including Frank & Peggy Brennan, Monty Hagerty, Bill Keller, Rich Pape, Dave Shaffer, and Bob Virgadamo, with an assist from President Rick and Past President Alex.  


 The Club has contacted the US Marines for this year’s Toys For Tots Program; Posters will go up in Mid-November. This year, we welcome a new company as a collection point – Seanjohn’s on Capital Way in Cranbury. And, as usual, we will have collection points at the Post Office, 1st Constitution Bank Branches,  a couple of PNC Bank Branches, BBL (on South River Rd.), and BV’s house. If anyone knows of a business that would like to participate in this worthwhile program for needy children, please notify Lion Bob V.  


Beginning in November, Lion Gerry Hanson and his Pancake Posse will begin gearing up for this year’s Pancake Breakfast. As an Historical Note: the first Pancake Breakfast was held on Sunday, December 7th, 1947, making this our 59th consecutive breakfast. As in year’s past, Lion Gerry will distribute a worksheet to all Club Members, showing what duties each will perform and on what shift they will be working.


The Annual Cranbury Lions Holiday Party will be held at the Bog Restaurant on Friday, December 15; as we’ve done for the past few years, we will hold this event jointly with the Hightstown Lions. A sign-up sheet will be circulating at the November and December meetings, or contact Lion Bob V. A couple of "questions” have arisen about our two perennial Dinner Dances. The first is: Do we have to always have it at the Bog? The second statement/question heard most often is: Only two or three people dance – Do we really need a DJ? There will be an on-line poll about the Holiday Party, shortly, in which Members will be able to suggest possible new locations. Members may also give their opinions as to whether we should continue to have a DJ.  Members without e-mail capability may provide their input to Lion Bob at a meeting or by phone.


…More about the 75th Anniversary…


Reminder…Hold the time and date for the Cranbury Lions 75th Anniversary Celebration 7PM to 11PM, Saturday, June 23, 2007, at the Forsgate Country Club. We are now seeking Members (or Spouses) for the Decorations Committee. Any Lion (or Spouse) who wishes to assist in this, or any particular area, should contact either Lion Andre Mento or Lion Bob Virgadamo. Open discussions about the Anniversary Celebration are encouraged at ALL meetings.


Tickets for the 75th Anniversary Celebration are now available, and by now, all Members should have received their tickets in the mail. The Committee and the Board are hoping that every Member will attend this historic event in our Club’s history, and now is a good time to start planning a table; tables will be set for 8, 10, or 12. If for any reason a Member can’t use the tickets sent to him or her, we ask that you try to sell them; if you are unable purchase them or sell them, please return them to Walt Caldwell within 60 days.


Although we have tried to keep the Membership thoroughly updated about the 75th Anniversary Celebration, especially here, in the Jargon, we are being asked some questions more than once. In an effort to insure that everyone knows just what we are doing, here are a couple of FAQs and the answers:


Aren’t the tickets a little "pricey”? The cost of the ticket is $75, and that covers the cost of the dinner, the band, the favor, and a portion of the table centerpieces; we are making no money on the ticket. The cost is "in-line” with the cost of last year’s Historical Society’s anniversary dinner, the major differences being "fuel surcharges”, other "normal” increases, and, most notably, that our anniversary month of June is the most expensive catering month of the year, in spite of a discount that we are receiving.


If not from tickets, how are we raising money? With regard to this event, there are two committees dedicated to FUNdraising: The Ad Journal Committee, chaired by Lion Pat Meehan, will contact and try to obtain cash donations from more than 300 local businesses, with the help of all Cranbury Lions; The Promotions Committee, chaired by Lion Jon Goldstein, will be attempting to obtain quality "hard goods” and services that can be offered through a silent auction during the event. As mentioned above, all Members will be getting a Promotions Package, shortly, because we are ALL Lions and we ALL need to help with this major event in our history. 


What band is playing, and are they any good?  Over the past few years, a number of very good "local” bands were considered, such as "Ron Kramer and the Hurricanes”, "The VooDudes”, and "Boccigalupe and the Bad Boys” (yeah…really!). For the evening’s musical entertainment we have contracted the Gladys Bryant Orchestra. We had a choice of 5, 6, 7, or 8 people; we were going to take the 7-piece orchestra, but after hearing them at last year’s State Convention LCIF Dinner in their 6-piece form, we opted for the 6-person orchestra; the sound was negligibly different, certainly just as good, and reduced the cost of the ticket. As far as quality…one would think that we would only opt for a quality sound; but the Gladys Bryant Orchestra has been heard, at various events, by, at the very least six members, including Walt Caldwell, Ed Lawson, Tom Reilly, George Smith, and Bob Virgadamo. All agreed that this ‘band’ was an great choice, in that they are excellent musicians, and that their musical choices and style is diverse and appealing to wide range of "partygoers”, without ever offending taste and decorum.

Membership – Membership – Membership


As always we are looking for new members. This year’s theme from International President Jimmy Ross is

‘Renewal’, and President Rick has adopted this theme. With so many new homes in Cranbury, there are many opportunities for new members. We ask all Cranbury Lions to try to bring in New Members. Membership applications can be obtained from Secretary George Smith or from membership Chairman Mike Kaiser. Let’s try to keep our Lions Club from being Cranbury’s "best kept secret”.


…And Attendance…


On the flip side of the membership coin, we also seem to be having a problem with attendance. Over the last couple of years meeting attendance has diminished from an average of 45+ members per meeting to an average of plus or minus 25 members, per meeting. Our core volunteers have always come from sign-ups at the meetings, and with meeting attendance down, so are the number of volunteers. While we would love to see "a packed house” at every meeting, it is understandable that many of our Members can’t make every meeting due to the demands and obligations to their jobs and families, however, the Board of Directors is asking every member to try to attend at least one meeting per month. The Membership Committee is preparing a survey, which will be distributed to all Members in the near future, which we hope will allow Members to answer such questions as: why is attendance low? What can we do to increase attendance? If it’s a ”problem”, what can we do to make meetings more interesting? When the survey arrives, please take the time to complete it; if you would like to help the Membership Committee help the Club (before the survey goes out), members are encouraged to speak to any Board Member about their concerns.




Frank Marlowe has been our Program Chair for a few years now, and has done quite an excellent job lining up speakers for each of our meetings. You can all imagine how difficult it can be, finding 20 speakers per year that will be of relative interest to all our Members!  We all come in contact with someone interesting on a regular basis. When you do, or if you have any suggestions for speakers, please give Lion Frank a call.


Even though we have a few new fundraisers, the Cranbury Lions Club is always in search of additional new fund raisers – different, entertaining, and most importantly, fun. Any member who has a FUNdraising idea should share the idea with President Rick, or bring it up at one of the meetings. The list of potential fundraisers, and the input from interested Lions, will be discussed at a Board of Directors meeting, and presented to the general membership at a regular meeting.


While it is important that we increase our fundraising capability, it is equally important that we do it without continually requesting donations from our small community on a too frequent basis. With over 300 commercial locations in our immediate area, the website is one of the easiest and best fundraisers we have. We ask every Member to please try to bring in at least one new advertiser per year. Refer all advertising leads to Lions John Kobland, Ray Dickey, or Dave Shaffer.


Any member who learns of the sickness or death of another member, or in a member’s family, or any other similar incident or emergency, should contact Lion Frank Marlowe (Chair, H&W) and/or Lion Dave Cook to activate the "phone tree”, and/or Lion Bob Virgadamo (e-mail notifications) so that all members may be notified as soon as possible.


Member Pick-Up

Ed Lawson (5 S. Main)

Lion George Smith will be the “permanent” pick up driver for Lion Ed. Lion Frank Marlowe has volunteered to be the “permanent” back-up driver. Drivers: if you cannot make your pick-up, or need to switch, please notify Rick Cusworth as soon as possible. Riders: please notify the assigned driver if you’re not going to make a meeting.