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“A Country Club Trying to Serve Its Country”


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Alex Johnson


Directors – 1 year

Don Herr

1st Vice President

Mike Kaiser



Doug Pearce

2nd Vice President

David Cook



Jon Goldstein

3rd Vice President

Andre Mento



Bob Virgadamo


George Smith




Treasurer – Operating/Projects

Glenn Johnson


Directors – 2 Years

Frank Brennan, Jr.

Assistant Treasurer - Projects

Glenn Johnson



Jeff Grundy





Paul Hayden

Immediate Past President

Walt Caldwell



John Kobland

Information Technology Chairman

Dave Shaffer



Rick Cusworth

Lion Tamer

Rick Burke


Jargon Editor

Bob Virgadamo

Tail Twister

Peter Turner




Membership Chairman

Mike Kaiser





October, 2005


October 4 – Board of Directors Meeting – 7:30PM, Tom Gambino Library Room

October 5 – Regular Meeting – 7PM, Cranbury Station, Dinner: Broiled Pork Chops

Speaker: Ms. Anne Woolley, will speak about the Princeton Hub and its work helping people

with emotional and developmental difficulties

October 19 – Autumn Spouse Meeting – 7PM, Cranbury Station, Dinner: Broiled Filet of Flounder

Speaker: Mr. Thomas Nye, Winemaster at the Grape Escape in Dayton who will speak to us about the art of winemaking.


November, 2005


November 1 – Board of Directors Meeting – 7:30PM, Tom Gambino Library Room

November 2 – Regular Meeting – 7PM, Cranbury Station, Dinner: Beef Stroganoff    

                            Speaker: TBA

November 16 – Regular Meeting – 7PM, Cranbury Station, Dinner: Turkey

                            Speaker: Paul Ritz will speak about the Kennedy Assassination

Things To Know


A new “Feature” in the Jargon each month: check this space for what our Tail Twister, Lion Peter Turner, has in store for you at our meetings. Every once in a while, borrowing from Bill Maher, Lion Pete will give us “New Rules”. The New Rule for October is: “Get To know ALL the Members” Lion Pete will tell us how at the October 5th meeting. He will also be asking about input about Cranbury Day, and will be looking for volunteers to sing at Spouse Night! The winner of Last month’s Tail Twister Assignment was to add a caption to a cartoon; the cartoon showed a man and woman reading a sign on an antique car – the sign read…? The winners were the Lions at Mahlon Thompson’s table with: “Touch my wife, but NOT my car!”


The updated Club Directory is ready. Please go to to download a copy of the Directory. Lions without internet access may use the Library computer or may request a hard copy of the Directory from Lion Dave at the October 5th meeting. Lions who need pins, name tags, hats, or vests should speak to our Club Secretary, Lion George Smith, ASAP


A laurel and hardy handshake to Lions Don Herr and Walt Caldwell, and all the Club volunteers, for making this year’s Cranbury Day food booth one of our most successful, ever, with the Club raising over $2100. The Board has voted to provide Certificates of Thanks to all of this year’s donors.


The Club would also like to express thanks to Lions Mahlon Thompson and Jeff Grundy, and their committee for their service at the Golden Agers’ Luncheon.


Lion John Kobland has volunteered to Chair the Advertising Committee. Fellow Lions, when Lion John asks for your assistance, please be generous with your time. A sign-up sheet will be circulated at the October 5 meeting.


President Alex attended the USA Canada Leadership Forum this year, and has asked Lion Bob V, who is the Forum Promotion Chair for the District, to give a short presentation on the Forum during one of the October meetings.


Don’t forget that our October 19th meeting has been designated as the “Autumn Spouse Night” Meeting. Wine enthusiasts should thoroughly enjoy the evening, as our Guest Speaker will be Tom Nye, the winemaker from the Grape Escape in Dayton.


The Cranbury Lions has donated  $2000 to Katrina Relief, through LCIF. We are still trying to arrange a “Donation Specific” Fundraiser in the form of an Adult Halloween Costume Party, the proceeds of which will go to Katrina Relief. Unfortunately, we need a location to do this type of fundraiser. At this writing, time has become short, but any Lion with a barn, or if you know someone who would be willing to donate their barn, or similar location, where we can hold a party on Saturday, October 29th, please advise Lion Bob V, ASAP.


The 72nd Annual Children’s Halloween Party will be in the school on Halloween from 6PM to 7PM; registration will begin at 5:30PM. Refreshments will be served in the Cafeteria. Lion Richard Stannard will be our MC, but additional volunteers will be needed; please use the sign-up sheet at the October meetings.


Even though we have begun sending a new “Calendar of Events” with the dues mailings, we’d like to remind all members to please, share the Jargon with your Spouse, so that our events may be better scheduled on your personal, or family, calendars for better attendance. 


Great News! The Cranbury Lions will be doing a Winter Fundraiser this year. We will be holding an Art Auction with the Friends of the Library. More information will be forthcoming in future issues of the Jargon.


The Cranbury Lions Barn Project is moving along – slowly, but still moving. Lion Frank Brennan III has helped with the lease wording and Project Chairman Mike Kaiser has advised that he is still meeting with the Township and waiting for them to complete the document, so that we may begin our 75th Anniversary Project.


And, speaking of our 75th Anniversary…Hold the date for the Cranbury Lions 75th Anniversary Celebration Saturday, June 23, 2007. A committee is being formed for this historic event; the Co-Chairs are Lions Andre Mento and Bob Virgadamo; sub-chairs are being sought for a myriad of committees, including advertising, promotions, marketing, donations, printing, ticket sales, entertainment, program, etc. All interested Lions should contact either Andre or Bob. Open discussions about the Anniversary Celebration are encouraged at ALL meetings.




What’s Happening In Other Clubs


The Leonia Lions Club presents "A Night At The Races" at the Meadowlands Racetrack,  in the Pegasus Restaurant (, Saturday, October 29,2005 Starting at 6:00 PM $65.00 Per Person includes Entrance Fee and Buffet Dinner. For tickets and information contact John Bucich (201) 947-3940. Deadline for obtaining tickets: Oct. 19, 2005. Checks payable to: Leonia Lions Club, c/o John Bucich, 428 Golf Course Drive, Leonia, NJ 07605


The South Brunswick Lions Club will hold their Annual Pig Roast at Von Thun’s Farm on October 15-16, 2005; they will hold their Annual Pancake Breakfast on November 6; and they have started selling Thanksgiving Raffles - $2 could win a $20 gift certificate. Foe information and Tickets call Lion Barbara Hendrickson at (732) 297-1107.


The Milltown Lions Club is holding a "Gala Art Exhibition & Auction"  Saturday Evening, October 22, 2995. Preview 7:00PM. Auction 8:00 p.m. Wine & Cheese, Dessert & Coffee. Admission is $10.00  Held at the Milltown Senior Citizens Building, Violet Terrace, Milltown. For information and tickets my call Joan Trent (732) 398-9006




Frank Marlowe has been our Program Chair for a few years now, and has done quite an excellent job lining up speakers for our meetings each month. You can all imagine how difficult it can be, finding 20 speakers per year that will be of relative interest to all our Members!  We all come in contact with someone interesting on a regular basis. When you do, or if you have any suggestions for speakers, please give Frank a call. Additionally, Frank will take all members’ suggestions for interactive discussion nights.


The Cranbury Lions Club is in search of new fund raisers – different, entertaining, and fun. Some excellent ideas have been presented, among which are an antique car rally, a Halloween party, a casino night, Bingo, an art auction, a cruise, and a marathon; the Board of Directors would appreciate input from our membership on these, or any new, ideas. Any member who has a fundraising idea should share the idea with President Alex. The list of potential fundraisers, and the input from interested Lions, will be discussed at a Board of Directors meeting, and presented to the general membership at a regular meeting.


It is important that we increase our fundraising capability without requesting money from our small community over and over again. With over 300 commercial locations in our immediate area, the website is one of the easiest and best fundraisers we have. We ask every member to please try to bring in at least one advertiser per year. Refer all advertising leads to Lions Ray Dickey, Dave Shaffer or Bob Virgadamo.


Any member who learns of the sickness or death of another member, or in a member’s family, or any other similar incident or emergency, should contact Lion Frank Marlowe (Chair, H&W) and/or Lion Dave Cook to activate the “phone tree”, so that all members may be notified.


Member Pick-Up

Ed Lawson (5 S. Main)


Lion George Smith will be the “permanent” pick up driver for Lion Ed. Lion Frank Marlowe has volunteered to be the “permanent” back-up driver. Drivers: if you cannot make your pick-up, or need to switch, please notify Rick Cusworth as soon as possible. Riders: please notify the assigned driver if you’re not going to make a meeting.