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Glenn Johnson


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Jon Goldstein





October, 2007


October 2 – Board of Directors Meeting – 7:00PM, Tom Gambino Library Room

October 3 – Regular Meeting – Spouse Night – 7PM, Cranbury Station; Dinner: Broiled Pork Chops

Speaker: Tom Petrino, an Antiques Appraiser, will talk to us about antiques and will do one appraisal for each person who attends

October 17 – Regular Meeting – Spouse Night – 7PM, Cranbury Station; Dinner: Broiled Salmon

                        Speaker: Annette Lockette, a Nutritionist, will discuss nutrition and how we eat.


November, 2007


November 6 – Board of Directors Meeting – 7:00PM, Tom Gambino Library Room

November 7 – Regular Meeting7PM, The Grape Escape; Dinner: Turkey (Buffet)

In Lieu of Speaker: The Club Wine Project will meet and do the Wine Press and barreling.

November 21 – Regular Meeting – 7:30 AM, Teddy’s Restaurant; this Breakfast meeting is a one-time attempt

to “try something different”, and to support Teddy after all these years of him supporting us. There will be no speaker at this “networking” meeting


Things To Know


Even though we have begun sending a revised “Calendar of Events” with each dues mailing, we’d like to remind all members to please, share the Jargon with your Spouse, so that our events may be better scheduled on your personal, or family, calendars for better attendance. Please Note that Spouses are invited to attend all meetings, but are wholly encouraged to attend “Spouse Night” meetings.


President Mike Kaiser has advised that the Carriage House is ready for the storage of all our equipment. Any Lion who has any stored items is asked to purchase a watertight plastic storage box, or boxes, as needed, transfer all material to the box and contact either Lion Mike or Lion Bob V to schedule a drop off to the barn.


As part of the Cranbury Lions acceptance of the international program, the Challenge to Change, we are trying a few new things, which we hope will revitalize and strengthen our Club.


For one, we are attempting to have fun as a Club, by promoting venue changes whenever feasible. President Mike and Lion Bob V have arranged for a Club Project with The Grape Escape in Dayton. Members are encouraged to purchase a case of wine or split a case with another member. There will be 20 cases available at $110 per case (12 bottles); dinners will be catered at these off-site meetings. The first meeting is an unofficial meeting on Thursday, October 25 to crush the grapes (no dinner at this meeting). The Press and barreling will be on November 7; the Racking and Bottling meetings will be announced in the future.   to try to get us in there (dinners would be catered) for a few meetings where we will Crush, Press, Rack, and Bottle our own wine. Members may purchase a case of wine, or split a case with other members; there will be 24 cases available, at an approximate cost of $110 per case (less than $10 per bottle). The Membership will be advised of the details as soon as they are available


As a change, and to support Teddy for all the support he has given us over the past 30 years, we will hold a Breakfast Meeting at 7:30 AM at Teddy’s on November 21. There will be no speaker. Members are encouraged to attend to network and socialize with each other, as well as the “regulars” at Teddy’s.


Another thing that has come up is the Mid-Winter Get-Away. Governor Bob has discovered that not only does nearly every district in the country do a Mid-Winter Get-Away at the beginning of February, our District 16-D did one until about 18 years ago. The Mid-Winter Get-Away is a family oriented gathering of Lions in the District for a weekend, where no Lions business is conducted…just a whole lot of fun with people getting to know one another! It is too late for District 16-D to make their own arrangements this year, but two other New Jersey Districts have invited Governor Bob and District 16-D to participate in their Mid-Winter Get-Aways. At Governor Bob’s request, President Mike is asking every Cranbury Lion to answer three questions:

  • First, would you and your family like to go?
  • Second, would you like to go to Puerto Rico, with local tours, shopping, and warm beaches? From Thursday, 1/31 through Monday 2/4; we are awaiting details (of course, in addition to the costs of a longer stay, there is the additional cost of airfare.) OR,
  • Third, would you like to go to Lancaster, PA, where they have an excellent First Night Program (Art Galleries, musicians, wine, snacks, etc), local tours, shopping and an evening of theater. Stay at the Eden Resort Inn; Friday, 2/1 through Sunday, 2/3; $200, single or double (slightly higher for triple and quads (suites available); Meal and Entertainment package, add $102 per person; inc. Friday dinner, Saturday Breakfast, and Dinner Theater (hospitality room both days/nights), and Sunday breakfast (or brunch, add $17 per person)


Please send your “poll” results to President Mike or Lion Bob V, either by e-mail or telephone; we must have poll results by October 20.


It would seem that our two Cranbury Day “Co-Chairs-In-Training” got the hang of it right away; under the watchful and guiding eyes of Lions Walt Caldwell and Don Herr (both of whom will step back from their Cranbury Day leadership roles, but still work Cranbury Day), new Co-Chairs Jeff Grundy and Pat Meehan did a flat out excellent job with the planning and execution of the event, making approximately $1900. Congratulations and thanks to Lions Jeff, Pat, Walt and Don and to all the Cranbury Lions that came out to assist with this perennial favorite fundraiser…and…oh yeah…the 50/50 was won by Rocco D’Armiento.


Lion Mahlon Thompson tells us that the Golden Ager’s Luncheon on September 15 was one of the best Luncheons we’ve ever hosted. The Club would like to thank Lion Mahlon and his volunteers, including Lions Alex Johnson, Frank Marlowe and Tom & Mary Reilly, for their continued Service to the Community.


The Designer Show House turned out to be a phenomenal fundraising opportunity, thanks to the forethought and generosity of President Mike, who is donating the net gate proceeds of $3750 to Campaign SightFirst II, on behalf of the Cranbury Lions Club. Cranbury Lions were asked only to stand at the door to collect the “suggested donation” of $5 per person. A laurel and hardy handshake to project Chairperson Christine Thompson for coordinating the gate volunteers for the three open weekends.


Our annual White Cane Days are coming and we need volunteers for this quintessential Lions fundraiser. We know that “no one like to ‘shake a can.’” And we know that some Members feel like they’re “begging for bucks”, which of course, no one enjoys. But, the Board is asking that you Challenge to Change your thought process. Part of our problem is being the “best kept secret” in Cranbury. We need visibility, and that, Fellow Lions, is what White Cane can do for us. Instead of thinking how it will look, consider that our vest and hats will be seen, and that people may, once again, come to realize we are here. Consider that someone may ask what we do, or how they can become a Lion. Consider the positive aspect that we are advertising WHAT we do for the community and the world. The more Members we have out there collecting for White Cane means the more visible we become and, to a lesser degree, the more we can raise. White Cane Days will be October 19 & 20. Please contact the White Cane Chair, Lion Jeff Grundy to schedule a two hour shift on the Friday (evening only) or Saturday.


Due to a severe lack of attendance by the children over the past few years, the Children’s Halloween Party is being temporarily suspended. However, we will be combining our resources with the PTO and the Mother’s Club for a Pumpkin Carving Contest on Friday, October 26 from 7:00 to 8:30PM. Children can bring their own pumpkin or buy one at the event. Paints and decorating materials are provided but, they have to bring their own carving tools. The Cranbury Lions will provide the magician, donuts, and cider for children and parents (as we have done over the years), and instead of prizes for costumes, we will provide prizes for best pumpkin carvings. We may hand out small gifts or treats to kids. We are still looking for a few volunteers….contact Lion Dave Cook who is chairing this event.


The Valentine Day Roses Sale has worked so well for the last two years that the Board has discussed and approved a Holiday Poinsettia Sale. Like the Roses, the members of the Committee will market and pre-sell poinsettias during the pancake breakfast as a supplement to the fundraiser.  The Board would like to thank Lions Rick Burke & Peter Turner who have agreed to work as chairmen for the flower sales.


Lions Jim Gerberich has a few ideas to expand sales the sales of our Santa Photos at the Pancake Breakfast. More to come, as we get closer to the event.


Membership – Membership – Membership


As always we are looking for new members. However, this year’s theme from International President Mahendra Amarasuriya is “the Challenge To Change”, and how, through change, we can increase Membership while rejuvenating existing members to help to keep the Club young, active, and viable! Cranbury Lions Club President Mike has adopted this theme, and is asking ALL members to assist Jon Goldstein, our new Membership Chair, in attracting and bringing in new members. With so many new homes in Cranbury, there are many opportunities for new members. For more information about Family Membership, or membership in general, or to obtain membership applications contact Membership Chair Jon Goldstein, Secretary George Smith, or President Mike. Let’s try to keep our Lions Club from being Cranbury’s “best kept secret”.


…And Attendance…


On the flip side of the membership coin, we also seem to be having a problem with attendance. Over the last couple of years meeting attendance has diminished from an average of 45+ members per meeting to an average of plus or minus 25 members, per meeting. Our core volunteers have always come from sign-ups at the meetings, and with meeting attendance down, so are the number of volunteers. While we would love to see “a packed house” at every meeting, it is understandable that many of our Members can’t make every meeting due to the demands and obligations to their jobs and families, however, the Board of Directors is asking every member to try to attend at least one meeting per month. Using the tag-line, “If you build it, they will come”, President Mike is asking EVERY Cranbury Lion to provide suggestions on how we might be able to CHANGE the meetings to appeal to broader range of the membership, in an effort to build a stronger Cranbury Lions Club.




Frank Marlowe has been our Program Chair for a few years now, and has done quite an excellent job lining up speakers for each of our meetings. You can all imagine how difficult it can be, finding speakers that will be of relative interest to all our Members!  We all come in contact with someone interesting on a regular basis. When you do, or if you have any suggestions for speakers, please give Lion Frank a call.


The Cranbury Lions Club is always in search of additional new projects and fund raisers – different, entertaining, and most importantly, fun. Any member who has a FUNdraising idea should share the idea with President Mike, or bring it up at one of the meetings. The list of potential fundraisers, and the input from interested Lions, will be discussed at a Board of Directors meeting, and presented to the general membership at a regular meeting.


While it is important that we increase our fundraising capability, it is equally important that we do it without continually requesting donations from our small community on a too frequent basis. With over 300 commercial locations in our immediate area, the website is one of the easiest and best fundraisers we have. We ask every Member to please try to bring in at least one new advertiser per year. Refer all advertising leads to Lions Rick Burke, Ray Dickey, or Dave Shaffer.


Any member who learns of the sickness or death of another member, or in a member’s family, or any other similar incident or emergency, should contact Lion Frank Marlowe (Chair, H&W) and/or Lion Dave Cook to activate the “phone tree”, and/or Lion Bob Virgadamo (e-mail notifications) so that all members may be notified as soon as possible.

Member Pick-Up – Ed Lawson (5 S. Main)


Lion George Smith has volunteered be the “permanent” pick up driver for Lions Ed & Ruth. Lion Frank Marlowe has volunteered to be the “permanent” back-up driver. Drivers: if you cannot make your pick-up, or need to switch, please notify Lion Rick Cusworth (655-2426) as soon as possible. Riders: please notify the assigned driver if you’re not going to make a meeting.