Lions Club Meeting 4/18/01

Tonight's meeting was a joint meeting with the South Brunswick Lions Club. South Brunswick Lions president, Debbie Hackworth addresses the meeting:

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Both clubs announced their Lion of the Year.

For Cranbury, Walton Caldwell was named Lion of the Year.  Here is Walt accepting his award from fellow Lion Greg Overstreet:

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Walt is giving his acceptance speech:

waltspeaks.jpg (55684 bytes)

South Brunswick Diane Polumbo receives her Lion of the Year Award:

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Lions Club Meeting 4/4/01

New Lions were inducted at this meeting:

Left to Right are Dennis Kennedy (sponsor of A. Mento), Tom Gambino (sponsor of S. Shapiro), Andre Mento (new member), and Shane Shapiro (new member).

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Lions Club Meeting 3/21/01

The Cranbury Lions held their meeting at Sarnoff Labs ( in West Windsor.  The highlight of the night was a demonstration of HDTV for the Lions members.  (Thanks for Frank Marlowe for coordinating this special meeting!)

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Frank Marlowe introduces the HDTV demonstration The demo looked much better than this!


museum.jpg (61116 bytes) hiel.jpg (56668 bytes) tube.jpg (60508 bytes)
Sarnoff Museum Curator Alex Magoun discusses museum contents Picture of Engineer George Hielmeier with his invention of Liquid Crystal Display Computer Memory via vacuum tube


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Tom Gambino and Tom Reilly at the meeting Lion Max Messner, retired Retired RCA Labs Television Scientist, Frank Lang, Sarnoff Television Engineer, and Alex Magoun, Curator of Sarnoff Museum

Lions Club Meeting 3/7/01

The NJ Association of Railroad Passengers ( and NJ Transit ( talk to the Lions about the past, present, and future of NJ rail travel.

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Leonard Restow
Mike Lieberwitz
(NJ Transit)

The Cranbury Boy Scouts ( accept a check from Lion's President Tom Reilly

Lions Club Meeting 2/7/01

Lion Bob Wood introduces new member Alex Johnson

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The Cranbury Boy Scouts ( accept a check from Lion's President Tom Reilly

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Lions Club Meeting 1/17/01

    Cranbury Director of Public Works, Tom Witt speaks to the Lions

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Please visit the web site:

for current recycling info and other Public Works activities.

Lions Club Meeting 1/3/01

    Speaker Lillian Mullin talks about her experiences in the State Department

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Remember, when planning international travel, take a look at:

to find out about any travel warnings and other important information.

Lions Club Meeting 12/6/00

    Lion Mason Blaich presents award in Peace Poster contest.

        peaceposter.jpg (60332 bytes)

    - 1st place: Christina Hines

    - 2nd place: Adam Brunner

    - 3rd place: Megan Kincade (not pictured)

Cranbury School art teacher Tamara Woronczuk accompanies the winners

Lions Club Meeting 9/20/00

Dr. Robert Bartoletti joins Lions Club
Pic00030a.jpg (43473 bytes)

Firefighter Bob Allen addresses Lions Meeting on the subject of fighting wildfires near Salmon, Idaho
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Scenes from the food stand at Cranbury Day '00:

cranday1.jpg (111436 bytes) cranday2.jpg (95694 bytes) cranday3.jpg (118216 bytes) cranday4.jpg (113646 bytes)

During White Cane day, '00

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A float at the Memorial Day parade, '00:

lions float parade thumb.jpg (10105 bytes)


A close-up of the float:

lions float parade2 thumb.jpg (9121 bytes)


Lion Tom Gambino presenting awards for best-decorated bike of the Cranbury Memorial Day parade, '00:

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