Pictures of Lions Club Members

These are some pictures of Cranbury Lions during some of their events.   Click on a picture to see it in full size

Lions Club Meeting 4/17/02

Tonight was a Joint Lions Club meeting with the Cranbury, South Brunswick, and Milltown Clubs, held at Pierre's in South Brunswick.

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The Cranbury Lion of the Year was announced at this meeting - Bob Virgadamo!  Greg Overstreet (a former Lion of the Year himself) presents the award to Bob.

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The South Brunswick Lion of the Year was also announced at the meeting - Clayton Hulbert.

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District Governor Debbie Hackworth was present at this joint meeting

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Lions Club Meeting 3/20/02

It was spouse night at the Lions Meeting.  For entertainment, young Irish step dancers entertained the audience:

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Lions Club Meeting 3/6/02

Carolyn Devany talks to the Lions about current projects the Cranbury Arts Council is involved in.  She also accepts a check from Bob Virgadamo to support their organization.

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Frank Marolowe "pins" new Cranbury Lions member, Tom Charters

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Charlie Devany talks to the Lions about the importance of business ethics, with special emphasis on the Enron scandal.

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Lions Club Meeting 2/6/02

The Cranbury Lions welcome new members Gene Buckley (next to Mason Blaich) and Carol Malouf (in front of David Stout)

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It was Boy Scout night - leaders Wayne Whitman, Jerry Yochelson, and Steve Golisano accept donation checks from the Cranbury Lions

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EMS Dan Doggett talks to the Cranbury Lions on his experiences at the World Trade Center site after the attack on September 11, 2001:

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Lions Club Meeting 1/16/02

Carol Malouf receives a check on behalf of Cranbury School for $2,000 from Bob Virgadamo, President, Cranbury Lions:

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Marc A. Maiorella, CFP
Nationwide Life Insurance Co.
The Best of America

Joel Goldhirsch
CIBC Oppenheimer

talk to Cranbury Lions about "Protecting Your Retirement Dreams"

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Lions Club Meeting 1/2/02

Elaine Homoky receives acknowledgement from club President, Bob Virgadamo, for 1st Constitution Bank's participation in the recent "Toys for Tots" campaign.

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The slides of the talk can be found here:


Annual Pancake Breakfast 12/2/01

Scenes from the Cranbury Lions sponsored pancake breakfast, held in the Cranbury School cafeteria.

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Lions Club Meeting 11/21/01

Michael Mayes, Mayor of Cranbury, gives the Lions a "State of Cranbury" address:

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Lions Club Meeting 11/7/01

Fred Fritz, President of Songbird Hearing Aid Co. talks to Cranbury Lions:

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Lions Club Halloween Party 10/31/01

The Cranbury Lions sponsored its annual Halloween party:

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Lions Club Meeting 10/17/01

Cranbury Girl Scouts representative Sharon Holswade addresses the Lions.  She also accepts a check from club President Bob Virgadamo

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Former District Governor, Lou Samaro, speaks to the Lions

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Former District Governor Lou Samaro inducts Jim Gerberich into the Cranbury Lions.

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Lions Club Meeting 10/3/01

District Governor Debbie Hackworth, District 16D talks to the Cranbury Lions.  The Lions also present Ms. Hackworth with a check for over $5,000 for District 16D.

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Cranbury Lions, (from left to right) Richard Pape, Don Jo Swanagan, Dennis Kennedy, Tom Gambino, and Bob Wood receive the Lions Bronze Award for their contributions in membership improvement.

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Shane Shapiro told the Lions that the New Jersey Association of Realtors has set up a housing relief fund for victims of the Sept. 11 terrorism acts.  For more details, click on:

Two new members were inducted into the Cranbury Lions, sponsored by Andy Jost and Gordon Stults:

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Michael Young, of Richard Grubb and Associates, gave a talk to the Lions regarding his profession of Historical Architecture and Archaeology.  His talk centered on a project to examine the remains of a 1705 farmhouse site in Upper Freehold (near Allentown on Rte. 526):

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Cranbury Day 2001 9/8/01

Cranbury 2001 was another rousing success.  The Lions BBQ'ed hamburgers and chicken, sold ice cream, and put on a 50/50 raffle.  Some pictures can be found here

Lions Club Meeting 9/5/01

Frank Brennan and Bill Mikula talk to the Lions concerning the legal and operational implications of hazardous waste spills.  Emphasis was placed on home heating oil tanks, and precautions homeowners should take to protect themselves against potential liability of oil leaks.

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Lions Club Meeting 8/15/01

Tara Kelley, the Cranbury Lions exchange student (see previous picture) gives a talk to the Lions about her experiences in France this summer.

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Tara Kelley presents to Lions President Bob Virgadamo a club banner from the Lions Club in Annecy, France

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Lions Club Meeting 7/18/01

New president Bob Virgadamo presents Past President Tom Reilly with a pin and plaque recognizing his service to the Cranbury Lions

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Rich Stannard addresses the Club on the topic of re-insurance

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This is a picture of the new Board of Directors:

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Seated, Left to Right:

Walton Caldwell, 2nd Vice President
Stan Thomas, Director 1yr
Mike Kaiser, Director 1yr
Don Herr, Director 1yr
Tom Reilly, Past President

Standing, Left to Right:

Bob Wood, Director 2yr
Bob Virgadamo, President
Andy Jost, 1st Vice President
Dennis Kennedy, Treasurer
Joe Carroll, Director 2yr
Alex Johnson, Lion Tamer

Lions Club Meeting 6/20/01

New officers were inducted at tonight's meeting:

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Outgoing President Tom Reilly gives his farewell address

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3rd Annual Golf Outing 6/4/01

Pictures of golfers and activities at the successful 3rd annual golf outing. (beware, the page may take a little while to load) (golf2001.htm)

Memorial Day Parade 5/28/01

Lots of Memorial Day Parade pictures here (beware, the page may take a little while to load) (memd2001.htm)

Lions Club Meeting 5/16/01

Sue Leson addresses Cranbury Lions on the subject of the Cranbury Arts Council (

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Lions President Tom Reilly presents the Cranbury Arts Council with a monetary contribution (caution: the picture is very large):

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Lions Club Meeting 5/2/01

Tara Kelley is named the student recipient of the exchange trip to France:

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Rev. Lou Mitchell joins the Lions:

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Tonight's speaker was Peter Wise.  He spoke about his experiences during his career at RCA Astro, building satellites.

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