Cranbury Lions Club

Scholarships and Community Service Award

The Cranbury Lions Club is administering 3 Scholarships and a Community Service Award to 2 recepients, all of which are available to students residing in Cranbury. The descriptions of each can be found on the Student Programs page. Students are encouraged to apply for the scholarships, and parents, school staff members, youth leaders, and neighbors are encouraged to nominate any worthy student for a Stan Thomas Community Service Award.
Applications must be postmarked no later than May 17, 2021.

Skeet's Food Pantry

Last fall Cranbury Lions Club led an online fundraiser for Skeet's Pantry.
The goal was to raise $2500 through GoFundMe with the Club matching donations.
It is through the generosity of many that Skeet's Pantry received over $5000!
Skeet's Pantry message
Skeet's Pantry continues to provide a critical service to the community.
Please see Skeet's Pantry for drop off instructions and needed items.
Check that those use by/sell by dates have not expired.

Club Meetings

Club meetings are cancelled until further notice.

Rockin' the Vest

Awesome video! The yellow vest posse; to learn more, visit Be a Lion


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